Nice! Official Neuse River page
Nice! Official Walnut Creek page

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Corridor Map

 Wake County Greenway trails

Upper Neuse (Falls Lake to Horseshoe Bend 6.6 mi.)
Lower Neuse River Greenway  Trail
  Horseshoe Bend Connector Upstream  Downstream
Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail
Crabtree Creek Extension(SB) to Neuse (Smartphone)
  Shelly Lake Loop (Ironwood and Mine Creek trails)

Nice new  Walnut Creek Trail
    (from Neuse River bridge to
    Mile Marker 4, Sunnybrook Rd)

Quick clips of recent recorded HD HQ rides, Early
    Spring mid-day sun... nice lighting and shadows
 Ride Upstream from Brownfield Rd to
    Anderson Point Pk, 18 min
Anderson Point Park 3.8 miles to
    Suspension Bridge at the Abington Pl. parking lot
Sunrise from trail bridge over wetlands
Rider chases camera: Upper Neuse Sep 30