"True News" interviews Mark Taylor;
1 Messages from God about Donald Trump

2 Abolish 501c3, Give Churches Loud Voice Again

  • Never Before has a Prophecy used a person's name...
    maybe because that prophet was not yet born.
  • God doesn't have a clock and calendar. We do.
    Jesus is not limited to just one reckoning or Judgment. Each individual has one.
  • Choice of ancient words used  assist those uneducated people to relate, and  to learn that there will be a Judgment for Evil, and that reckoning will be in the future....
    - and understand that "Daddy is watching".
  • At no time in Jesus life was He seen as anything other than normal flesh and blood. His Disciples performed healing, too!  I have myself experienced it. The ascension is the only supernatural event that Jesus experienced. He was an example of flesh and blood, and proof of a loving Creator and the Afterlife.
(April, 2011) Retired firefighter Mark Taylor says God showed him in 2011 that
 Donald Trump would become President of the United States.
(April, 2016) Trump Will Abolish 501c3 and Give the Churches a Loud Voice Once Again!