(Lot of material clipped here, much is repeated here, in a similar way)

It’s not that Islamists have no respect for authority. It is that they believe there is no authority outside their own belief system. There is no opportunity for debate. There’s nothing to debate. You’re either a believer or an infidel, and there is no tolerance for the infidels. So in the modern-day analogy, there’s no tolerance for Republicans. There’s no interest in moderating so the Republicans will be brought into the fold. You either accept it and do what is demanded or you’re out. Anything but you! Anything but what you believe. Everything is illegitimate, including Trump’s winning the presidency or Mitt Romney winning or George W. Bush winning.

It’s all illegitimate.

You respect none of it. You undermine everything that is not your authority. You overthrow it; you obey none of it. You attempt to destroy and undermine every aspect of your authority that has been shunted aside. When they are in power, the Democrats… When they’re in power, they pretend it’s because their beliefs are a popular mandatory. When they are not in power, their beliefs dictate that they delegitimize those who are in power. And that’s what we’re up against today. We are up against a quasi-Sharia Islam in American progressivism. I think they’re very close in methodology to terror organizations without the terror. The Democrats don’t do mass-murder terrorism of any kind, but they do community organizing, the core tactic of which is “direct action.”

Direct action is basically extortion by legal or illegal means. Direct action is whatever is necessary to dominate. Direct action is whatever is necessary to overthrow the authority that isn’t you. You never agree with it, you never accommodate it, you never accept it. It’s all illegitimate. Trump is illegitimate. His cabinet is illegitimate. Gorsuch is illegitimate. Any further judge he appoints, illegitimate. Any decision that they come up with, legal decision, illegitimate.

In Georgia 6 if the Democrat wins tomorrow, it’s gonna be said because there’s a popular mandate in America that is opposing Trump and is now willing once again to embrace the authority that is represented by the Democrat Party. They might do physical threats or protests that stop people from speaking or businesses from operating when they lose, and they’re doing that daily today. They’re trying to shut down universities. They’re trying to shut down free speech. They’re trying to shut down any activity that is outside their authority.

There is no way to cooperate. There is no way to cross the aisle. There is no way to show that Washington can work. It cannot work in their minds if they are not running it. It cannot run, it cannot work if their authority is not absolute. They do not share their authority. They do not moderate it. They do not welcome outsiders in. Only if you convert. And at the same time, they do everything they can to delegitimize everybody and everything that is not them.

It is only Republican presidents who are idiotic clowns and need Svengali brains behind them to make them work. For Ronald Reagan it was James Baker. For George W. Bush it was Karl Rove. For Donald Trump it’s Steve Bannon. Barack Obama had no such brain. He was the brain. He was the final, the only authority. Everybody that worked for him was on their knees daily celebrating and praying and thanking and hoping he never went away. But there was nobody ever any smarter, nobody ever even equal to him, nobody ever even in his league.

Republican presidents: dolts, idiot clowns, incapable of getting out of bed without some smart guy in the back of the room that nobody sees directing the movement. And that person is never elected and therefore is illegitimate. Bannon must go, Bannon represents the greatest threat, because he doesn’t respect the authority of the Democrat Party or of the American left. And he’s guiding Trump. Trump is just an empty vessel. He’s a womanizing misogynist pig. Bannon must be destroyed. And if we destroy Bannon, we destroy Trump, because we’ve destroyed Trump’s brain.

It’s identical to the way totalitarian movements around the world operate, be they banana republics or massive communist enterprises like the Soviet Union or Sharia Islam. Now, ponder all that. I gotta take a brief time-out here. And I’ll incorporate all of this with points made by Daniel Greenfield in his now-famous piece that I have made famous at Frontpage Mag a couple weeks ago. And he’s got a follow-up that’s just as good that I will also cherry-pick.


RUSH:  As we said last week, the American left is trying to delegitimize every branch of government.  The presidency, “Well, that’s not real.  It was stolen by the Russians.”  Supreme Court?  “That’s not real.  Gorsuch is not real.  That was stolen by changing the rules.”  Nuclear option.  That’s how it works.  The American left has rejected all forms of authority it does not control.

They have rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans.  They have rejected the judicial authority, the Supreme Court, when its decisions don’t accord with its agenda.  It rejected the legislative authority of Congress when it’s not dominated by the left.  It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.  It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama.  And now it’s for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow, as long as that involves defying immigration laws under Trump, not following them under Obama.

So, for example, Trump’s new immigration law, what’s springing up, sanctuary city after sanctuary, even new ones are springing up in defiance of Trump, in rejection of authority, in rejection of American law, in rejection of the outcome of the election, refusal to accept it, because there is no authority other than their own, just like Sharia Islam.

The left was for the total sacrosanct authority of the Senate when it held the majority.  Now the Senate is outmoded when the Republicans took over.  It was all for Obama defying the orders of federal judges no matter how well grounded in existing law, and it is for federal judges overriding anything Trump does.  When they have the presidency and they have total authority, whatever the courts do is perfectly fine.  When they lose the presidency and do not have the authority and refuse to accept it, then the federal judiciary must come in and deny that authority that is the president resulting from the authority of the election as defined by the Constitution.  The election itself is not respected because of Russia and tampering.

So you see how this works.  There’s no way to compromise with this.  There’s no way to accommodate it.  There’s no way to even tolerate it.  They are not tolerant.  They’re the exact opposite of what they claim to be.  These are the people that do not tolerate a single thing that is not something in which they have authority.  “There is no form of legal authority that the left accepts as a permanent institution,” including the Constitution.

And that’s why we are on the cusp of grave danger here, which I have been trying to point out since the day after the election in November.  The American left, the Democrat Party, however you want to refer to them, they “only utilize forms of authority selectively when it controls them. But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience.”

Mr. Greenfield calls what is happening on the left today treason. This blanket rejection of all authority which is derived from the Constitution. The total, wanton disobeying and ignoring and undermining of the Constitution as a legal matter is indeed treason.  We haven’t charged anybody with it in decades.  We haven’t used it.  We barely even mention it.  So when somebody does it’s kind of shocking.

“After losing Congress, the left consolidated its authority in the White House. After losing the White House, the left shifted its center of authority to Federal judges and unelected government officials.” The deep state.  “Each defeat led the radicalized Democrats to relocate from more democratic to less democratic institutions.”

Wherever they could go to assert their authority and thwart the authority of the Constitution is where they go.  And it isn’t hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy happens all the time in politics.  That’s not what this is.  Hypocrites still operate within the system, respecting the authority, that is, the Constitution.  The left today has no allegiance to the system unless they’re running it.  And if they’re not running it, then the system itself is illegitimate and needs to be further delegitimized.

“It accepts no laws other than those dictated by its ideology.”  And people, “What happened to the Democrat Party?”  It’s the right way to put it.  The Democrat Party has become radicalized by the left.  The left was not radicalized by the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party today bears no resemblance to the Democrat Party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or even Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s.  No comparison.  They have been fully radicalized by radical leftists.  “It means that their first and foremost allegiance is to an ideology, not the Constitution.” And I mean that comment aimed right between the eyes of my old buddy Ted Koppel, which I will explain in due course.


RUSH: So my old buddy Ted Koppel is interviewing another old buddy Sean Hannity for the CBS Sunday Morning show. And Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity that the problem with Sean Hannity and people like him is that he’s destroyed the news. And the way he’s destroyed the news is by creating an audience of people who don’t care about facts. Yeah. The only people that listen to conservative talk radio or watch Fox News, those people, they only care about ideology. They don’t care about facts, and that has destroyed the media, says Ted Koppel, because in the process there isn’t a common set of facts anymore and the conservative audience doesn’t care about them anyway.

The truth of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, the radicalized left is the group that has an allegiance only to its ideology and is not concerned with facts at all. They make them up if they need to to support their lone authority, which is anything but the Constitution. Now, they will use the Constitution when they are in power. When they are out of power, they will ignore it, and they will delegitimize whatever part of the Constitution they need to delegitimize the opponents.

They will delegitimize an election. They are nothing but ideologues, pure, thoroughbred, undiluted, raw, ideologues. Facts and reality are irrelevant, particularly when the facts and the reality are counter to their authority. It’s just the exact opposite of what my old buddy Ted Koppel said to Sean Hannity. Where there is an allegiance to truth and fact is right here and right now on this program and everywhere else in conservative media. It’s the only place, in fact, in American media today where there is an allegiance to real facts and real news.

And what we are up against is the delegitimization the left is attempting of these very facts and this very reality, the attempt to undermine it and overthrow it. And since we now stand in the way of the left’s unilateral ability to define the facts, to present the facts, to ignore certain facts, we have become an enemy which must be delegitimized. We must be undermined. We must be attacked and ridiculed and overthrown.

And this is why a guy on the radio like me can be treated no differently than a president with real, genuine power, with profiles done designed to ruin reputations and so forth. That’s who the American left is, and it’s identical to what happens in Sharia Islam to the nonbelievers and the infidels. And that is what we’re up against here, folks. We’re not up against people who are fellow adherents to the Constitution who have a differing point of view with whom we might want to debate and try to find some common ground, because that is not the least bit of interest to them.

We are not legitimate. We are not worthy of time. Our beliefs are not worthy of anything but being pounded into dust. And this is why — I will just speak for myself — I am over it, I’m fed up with Republicans who want to cross the aisle and find some common ground and show that we can work together so that Washington can be shown to work. It’s all BS. It’s a suicide pact to try to get into a legitimate power-sharing agreement with these people, because that’s not at all anything they are interested in.

Their first and foremost allegiance is to an ideology, not facts, not the Constitution, not our country. Their allegiance is not to America. Their allegiance is not to the Constitution. They do not revere it. They do not respect it. They do not respect nor are they in awe of our system of government. All of those things, the Constitution, the country, our system of government are only to be used as vehicles for advancing their ideology and their authority. And this is why it’s impossible to compromise with them.

Our system of government was designed to allow different groups to negotiate their differences. But those differences were supposed to be based around finding shared and common interests such as the values ordained in the Declaration, for example. The most profound of these supposed shared interests was that of a common country based around central civilization values, a common culture found nowhere else in the world.

The left isn’t interested. The left is in the process of replacing these founding ideas with completely radically different notions and principles. The left has rejected the primary importance of America. And in place of the primary importance that is America it is now the primary importance of their ideology, with no tolerance for anything but. As a result, the American left that you see every day protesting and rioting, objecting, resisting, they share little in the way of interests or values with us.

And that’s where we are, folks. That’s who these people are. That’s what we’re up against, and that’s why this election in Georgia is important tomorrow. The outcome is not that big a deal. In the balance of power it’s not that big a deal. If the Democrats win it, big whoop.

But that’s not how it’s gonna be portrayed. I’m just saw CNN, “Verdict on Trump Presidency? Georgia Election.” When I say “the election tomorrow,” I mean, we’re gonna get the results tonight. The media coverage tomorrow… When I say “tomorrow,” I’m talking about the way this is gonna be portrayed. The election’s going on right now. Hopefully, people are showing up in droves and not voting for this Democrat. Because this election is not at all going to be reported on as the balance of power. If the Democrat loses, it will be portrayed as (snorts), “Doesn’t mean anything! It’s just one seat.

“The Democrats weren’t gonna change anything by winning this seat.” If the Democrat wins, it’s gonna mean everything about Trump no longer is real. Everything Trump is now delegitimize. It’s going to be said that the American people all voted in Georgia. “The spirit of the country voted and it rejected Trump and it admitted it made the mistake and it now wishes it had the election over. America wishes Hillary was in the White House.” That’s going to be the message and more, if this Ossoff guy wins.