Devil weed identified for me, July 7, 2015

  1. Preemergence and Postemergence Control of Japanese Stiltgrass  (Weed Technology © 2005 Weed Science Society of America)
  2. Indiana university, (Japanese stiltgrass frequently invades forest understories, particularly where there are light gaps or litter disturbance.
    It is also very common in floodplain areas, along streams, and other areas of overland water flow.
    It produces prolific seeds and can reproduce in as low as 5% sunlight.)
  3. Pa Dept Conservation and resources, nice page. (Native to Asia, this successful invasive has colonized most of the eastern United States, as far west as Texas. )
  4. Japanese stiltgrass displaces native plants and threatens bird and wildlife populations that depend on native vegetation as
    part of a supporting ecosystem. Using a pro-active approach to quality vegetation management can reclaim native species
    and help restore habitats.  (BASF)

My Original data:

New to this region around 2002, Everywhere the government projects seed the highways, parks and greeways... now has the prolific spreading plant.  It has taken over most of the wooded areas.  Greenway flood plains are quite beautiful in the deep woods. It looks like a green carpet all through the thicket.

Woody stems, puts out root shoots every few inches.  In the fall, it has a pink-purple flower about 3 mm shaped like a camelia. Flower is only one per stem... last leaf cluster. I'll get picture this Fall.

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Upper Neuse River Gereenway,June 22, 2015

6:45 AM and 76º is a nice ride, but lighting is not ideal due to low sun angle

Wind noise from sound ports diminshes as I slow down after crossing US Highway one overpass.  The weed does make for a very attractive flood plain and woods. Of course it's not the only weeds.