Movie with my Cannon pocket camera, with camera hanging around my neck.

This page is my testing sandbox.

Note: Microsft Internet Explorere purposely waits until download of file is complete before it plays. Firefox abd Chrome starts playing in a coulle of seconds.

I don't have any way to adjust the camera tilt.  Camera angle is a victim of my stance on the bicycle seat.  I'll be working on the camera angle problem.

I leave home and pedal down the street about one block to Eastgate Park.  Turn into the park, ride down the hill that passes by the soccer field, on by the playground and clubhouse, then turn right to cross the dam and on out of the park.
I turn around and pedal back up the hill to the ramp into Eastgate Park, go across the dam of Cooper's Pond, and back-track though the park heading back home. You can hear kids in the playground shrieking and yelling.

On the return trip, after passing the playground, the sidewalk becomes an incline.  With sound on, you can hear my breathing slowly increase.  The incline is difficult to see in two dimensional movies.

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