Wake Forest Rd, My path from Home to Greenway

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MY path Southbound on Wake Forest RD at 4:10 PM Tuesday.  Early AM I can ride in the street. Not now.

MVI_2625 (00:27)
Approaching signal at St Albans Drive, flat terain. 
No pedestrian traffic here today.
When the clip ends, on you left you see part of a
hospital and parking deck.
MVI_2626 (00:17)
Continuing on to the next signal light, on by the Hilton.  Going down a slight hill.  Most of what you see on the left is more of the hospital complex. On the distant skyline, you can glimpse the tall buildings in downtown (5 miles away).

90 minutes later, Northband against trafic, slight uphill.

messed up this movie, try again.

MVI_2634 (00:45)
Pedaling up hill crossing at the signal light at Executive Drive. Next signal is St Albans drive.  At about 15 seconds I start by the Hilton on my left, and ahead on the right you can see one of the parking decks and a cancer center for one of the Raleigh Hospitals.
  To be continued

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