Crabtree Creek Trail, Middle Segment

Click thumbnail to see movie clip. Clips are listed in natural pregression of my round trip.

MVI_2620 (01:26)
The challenging boardwalk at Capital Blvd. tunnel, eastbound:
I skipped trying to record the ascent. (I may walk it some time.)  Can't ride up it and zig-zag, too...  with one hand on handlebar... no one can.  It is steep.
After reaching the highest point, start the movie while going down the other side, and into the tunnel under Capital Blvd.  Continuing, we go under a pole canopy shelter that runs under a railroad track.
MVI_2621 (01:36)
The segment from Atlantic Ave to Raleigh Blvd Eastbound has a bridge and a boardwalk. The bordwalk is .6 miles long.  A Gazebo is a neat resting place as you enter the area of the swamp.
MVI_2622 (02:26).  The trail is running right along the unseen Crabtree Creek and passes through the tornado damage area (01:16).   As I pan the camera to the side, wind makes a horrible noise(01:31-44) with the microphone pickup hole of the camera (sounds like a cat growl).  The tornado damage you see to the left is on the other side of the  creek, but you can't see the creek because of the weeds and how far down it is. 
Damage in this side of the creek is 90% cleaned up.
MVI_2623 (--:48)
From Raleigh Blvd Bridge, to the entrance, boardwalk across the swamp, northbound.
MVI_2631 Egret strikes
MVI_2624 (00:45) Swamp boardwalk all the way across to the gazebo.

Testing another run. I pot tape over the camera microphone orfice.  That seems to solve the wind noise problem.  I am unhappy with the strong shadows caused by the location of the sun (10:00 AM and sun lower  respective to the horizon, moving toward Winter lighting.  I want to try an overcast day to eliminate shadows.  Se next test.

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